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18, with a visit to Canton, Ohio starting Aug. 2 before the Hall of Fame game Aug. She celebrated being two months cancer free by heading to Cowboys training camp.. Halftime Brooklyn 35 33. 3 Point Goals Brooklyn 11 35 (Robinson 4 7, Agosto 3 10, Batts 2 6, van Sauers 1 1, Frias 1 5, Hicks 0 1, Clark 0 1, Bradley 0 1, Hernandez 0 3), St. Francis 9 27 (Wolford 4 10, Braxton 2 3, King 2 5, Harmon 1 7, Meredith 0 2).

Camp needs: Stabilize juggled and new look offensive line. Tackles Tyron Smith, who started all 16 games as rookie on right side, and Doug Free are switching sides, making Smith blindside protector for Romo. Veteran guards Bernadeau and Livings are newcomers to Dallas, as is OL coach Bill Callahan.

Actress Bess Armstrong is 64. Singer Jermaine Jacksun is 63. Rock musician Mike Mesaros (The Smithereens) is 60. With good reason. “Redskins” is no more defensible than “Darkies” or “Chinks.” I think we have enough problems without sports teams self identifying with slurs. What’s the point? If numerous members of a race, religion or nationality are offended by a team name, it should be Game Over.

Neither WTVR nor any of its employees or agents participated in any way with the preparation of Mr. Goldman’s comments. Trust/BofA Private Wealth Management/Richmond Market President, BANK OF AMERICBank of America. Played the rest of the quarter on adrenalin, because I tore (the muscle) in the worst way possible, he said. Rest of the year Saturdays were the worst days of the week. It was heartbreaking.

Don hear anything other than when my offensive line gives me grief about articles that are written about me, Reilly said of the spotlight that been squarely on him throughout a season in which he is just 128 yards away from breaking the club single season passing yards record of 5,663 set by Ricky Ray in 2008. I seen them do it with the wide outs, so that pretty much the only time we ever hear about it. You can bet Reilly will happily dish some trash talk right back at Matt O now that the right guard has been nominated as not only the Eskimos most outstanding offensive lineman, but also the team most outstanding Canadian in 2017..

“,”Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy celebrates a victory over the Oakland Raiders in 2000. (Photo: Cheryl Hatch, Associated Press) style=”font family: Arial; line height: 18px;””>Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy knocks the ball out of the hand of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart in 1999. (Keith Skrakocic