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The preponderance of black font at the top of the list tells a tale, as do the totals at the bottom. Pure wingers have gotten 54% of the games but have scored just 36% of goals by forwards. The failure of that group has played a massive role in the collapse of club scoring to 21st in the league..

Wasn alone in his studio. Cassius Jones Young, a fellow photographer, aided him in the operation of this studio. As business picked up, Bowdle also hired assistants Harry Hiner and Samuel M. The next 10,000 were easier. We up to 92,000 urban customers, who provide a nice cash flow that [supports] a financing mechanism for the 170,000 rural families that buy the Ecofiltro. It is the same filter unit, but it goes into a plastic bucket to keep the price low.

1) This isn your dad Canadian team which, come to think of it, is my Canadian men team. Head coach Octavio Zambrano has the Canucks playing a pleasing, attacking style which has introduced at least one big time player in Junior Hoilett and a solid supporting cast. It too late for Canada in the 2018 World Cup but pay attention for 2022..

A week earlier, Elsie was playing with a friend when the incident happened, according to a Facebook page created in support of the Mahe family by one of their neighbors. Her friend ran and told Elsie’s mom, Sunny, who immediately started CPR. She was flown to Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City..

There are enough football fans in Atlantic Canada, as evident by the many university football teams nearby like Saint Mary St. FX, Acadia and Mount Allison and college programs like Holland College, Dal, UNB and UNB Saint John. Factor in the Atlantic Canada high school football teams, the minor programs and there reason to believe the time might be right now to pursue a CFL franchise in the region..

“Forever Tango’s” orchestra boasts four of the only 200 known bandone n players in the world. With stunning vignettes told via music and dance, the production traces the colorful history of tango from its surreptitious beginnings in turn of the century Buenos Aires bordellos through its evolution into a high society art form. The language is subtle yet unmistakable: the flick of a leg, the grasp of a hand, the arch of a brow.

In an Oct.12, 2017 photo, Ricky and Marlene Rodriguez’s home at the corner of 30th St. And Tacoma Ave., in Lorain, Ohio, has morphed from a pirate ship, to a train and now into a digging machine poking through the home’s driveway. The home is an annual attraction for neighbors and passersby within the city.

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