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The Bengals and Bills are common foes, playing for the third straight season and the fourth time in the past five. They also bookends in NFL lore for postseason futility. Buffalo has failed to reach the playoffs 17 straight seasons, the longest active streak among North America four major pro sports.

I actually wrote it up, and that’s going to be in the next issue. We will publish some of my grades, which were not all that good. For example one of the questions asked is, ‘Does your boss love his job?’ I got an A minus for that. The late McNair, of course, got the Titans within one yard of forcing overtime against the St. Louis Rams in the 2000 Super Bowl that wrapped up the 1999 season inside Atlanta Georgia Dome. They haven come close to that lofty perch since then, failing to make the playoffs a single time since the 2008 season..

Pony, in her late teens, was one of a large number of foreign students attracted to the idea, and was selected by the Cuban Embassy in Pretoria for the five year opportunity beginning with a immersive Spanish language course. She now speaks Spanish pretty well, and knows all the Cuban revolutionary songs and slogans like “Patria O’ Muerte, Veneceremos” (“Fatherland or Death, We Will Win”), that tens of thousands of Cubans echo at huge rallies. She laughed when I chanted one at her as we unexpectedly sat next to each other on the large Iberia jet..

The playoffs and I think the focus isn so much about road and home (as) this is the path, Payton said. Is the schedule. The big thing as a coach is trying to cover every detail regarding your opponent, trying to cover the specific situations that can come up in a game, making sure you are prepared that way.

Brawling professional athletes aside, it is pretty clear that NHL 12 has taken everything that made NHL 11 so great, and added a little icing (pardon the pun)on top. The new inclusions, though not overly drastic, do make a difference in how the game feels to play. Thankfully the direction of that difference is towards even more comprehensive realism than before but not at the expense what makes the NHL games so great to play, namely their accessibility and intuitive controls.

However, high school football participation is down in the area. The word from most high schools is that they have seen a drop in numbers. Class 5 schools in particular are struggling to get kids out. The Flower wells will produce 14 billion cubic feet of gas over their lifetime, Cabot spokesman George Stark said. During its operations in West Virginia, the company would have been “ecstatic” to see a well produce 750 million cubic feet, three quarters of a billion cubic feet, over its life, he said. The seven most productive wells in the state belong to Cabot.

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