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I was planning to buy two club seats the day they announced Gruden was back. Forget that. And now to hear Koetter claim confusion as to why people are down on Donovan Smith, that Mike Smith is coming back, and he let Sean Payton smack him around? Dirk Predictable back for a final insult to America s Next Great City.

Tim Hauck enters his first season on the Eagles coaching staff. A former NFL safety, Hauck (pronounced HOWK) enjoyed a 13 year playing career that included stops with the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles. In 1999, Hauck started at strong safety for the Eagles alongside Brian Dawkins and finished second on the team with a career high 122 tackles.

The physical environment: The hospital lobby and the building feel like an excelsior hotel in a first world country. They go out of the way to showcase the sense of order and calm that prevails everywhere. The western patient would instantly feel at home with the Starbucks Caf and Wi Fi enabled waiting lounges.

He’s also been turnover free, which is a bonus. What we’re saying is he’s been mostly harmless, and he’s shown flashes of brilliance as long as he doesn’t have to throw the ball more than 20 yards. Moreover, the offensive line has slowly been deteriorating before him like wet newspaper and yet he’s managed to survive and even thrive at times.

“This will be a monumental help for those who suffer,” said Salisbury. “I can’t speak for the 4,500 others, but I’m grateful and humbled. I think it shows that there’s an admittance by the NFL in some way, shape or form that there was negligence. Players and coaches implicated in the bounty pool have testified under oath in a related federal court case they never intended to injure opposing players. The appeals panel ruled that Goodell could suspend the four players as long as the discipline was attributable to conduct detrimental to the NFL. Special master Stephen Burbank has the jurisdiction to rule on compensation, which violates the salary cap..

TODAY: We will kick off the morning with areas of freezing fog and a bit of light snow. This is thanks to some easterly, low level winds. Temperatures to start the day will be in the single digits, but a breeze will make things feel below zero. And emerge, I think, is Notre Dame motto and that where we at. Admitted the Oilers, got a little full of themselves against Vancouver and Winnipeg, after the 3 0 win over Calgary and the pre season hype about how good they were. But the last two losses to Ottawa (6 1) and Carolina (5 3) have been crushing..

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