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Wife said Minneapolis, and I was Madison, said Tok, who skated for the Badgers in the early went to school there, but she was like, aren going back there. She picked Minneapolis and I was like you know I hate the big city. So it was Duluth and Eau Claire.

“The police say to me, ‘Coach, if you can identify these guys, we’ll arrest them and they’ll be in jail within two hours,”‘ Glanville said last month. “I said, ‘OK, boys, let’s do this.’ So we look at the video and I’ll be damned. It’s my two starting safeties.””The police say, ‘Coach, can you identify these two men?”‘ Glanville said.

Cappelli’s study lays out in detail why it is erroneous to assume that a smaller baby bust cohort and the aging of the boomers who will begin to retire soon will lead to a labor shortage. For one thing, the fact that the baby bust cohort is smaller overall than the baby boom cohort does not mean that every sub group within the baby bust group has to be 16% smaller. Colleges, for example, did not cut back on the size of their graduating classes when the baby busters came through school.

The playoff hopes were buoyed by the 23 16 win at Chicago in Week 10, but an ugly 23 0 loss to the Sunday wiped out those good feelings. The Packers committed five turnovers on Sunday and were shut out for the first time since Nov. 19, 2007. It was hard to watch Tuesday night’s Cavaliers game after that terrible injury to Gordon Hayward, but if you made it to the end, you saw LeBron James’ jersey get ripped late in the game after incidental contact from the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown. Not a big deal, really. Unless you’re Nike Inc.

“Overall, the tournament has been fantastic. Feedback from coaches, players and parents has been outstanding. Everything has been very positive about the format from the time between games to the length of games,” Hogan said. Lewis said going from a walk on in college to the NFL was simply a matter of in myself, going out and working hard, having faith in God, and doing what I know I capable of doing when I get the opportunities. When you get those opportunities, you have to seize them. I think I done a good job thus far throughout my career and I going to continue to strive to do that..

Reporter: Later today at the league’s New York City headquarters, there will be a gathering to support the quarterback. Now, the protest today put together by over two dozen activists and organizations here and among Kaepernick’s backers spike Lee who tweeted his support earlier this month for, quote, Kaepernick and his stance on the injustices in the usa. He does have a lot of supporters but it’s not a slam dunk he would get picked up as a free agent even if this weren’t around.

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