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When Nixon was finally forced from office, Bradlee walked through the newsroom, reminding reporters “Don gloat” during the resignation speech.The biographical details are just as interesting, including Bradlee charismatic qualities and reputation as a ladies man, and his whirlwind romance with the Post Sally Quinn. Their son also presents another side of him, even if it a bit of a cliche doting on a late in life child after having been somewhat absent for his older kids due to the commitment to his work.The interviews, meanwhile, feature the expected who who of prominent Post alumni, but also Nixon administration figures like John Dean and Henry Kissinger, as well as other journalistic titans in Bradlee orbit, among them Tom Brokaw, Jim Lehrer and Tina Brown.Although “The Newspaperman” captures Bradlee magnetism and swagger, it not a completely hagiographic picture. The project devotes a fair amount of time, for example, to Janet Cooke fabricated Pulitzer Prize winning article about a child addict, “Jimmy World,” a major blotch on the Post record before Bradlee retirement in 1991.Still, Bradlee and the newsroom that he led embodied the romance of journalism, during a pre digital era when a celebrity editor wielded power in a manner that seemingly stood considerably taller than what possible in today whittled down and diffused media landscape..

Ryan Tannehill will never be the sort of quarterback like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady who can make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Tannehill will always need some talent around him. Luckily, GM Mike Tannenbaum has done an excellent job of quietly putting together a group of skilled players who should perfectly complement Tannehill..

Despite Tennessee struggles during his tenure, Dooley did help develop several top flight receivers, the position he be coaching in Dallas. Justin Hunter and Cordarelle Patterson are expected to be picked in the early rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft. Zach Rogers could be a late round pick or undrafted free agent as well..

“I’m still trying to get over it. I don’t even know if shock is the right word for how I feel right now,” Ely said this week. “But I’ve heard that when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade. “There similarities,” Haden said. “They go to the matchups Some quarterbacks, they make the game a little bit harder than it is. If (Brady or Roethlisberger) sees a matchup against a dude that they don feel like can cover, Brady will go to him the whole time all the way down the field.

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