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The more we learn and understand about human behavior the more we come to realize the extraordinary power that beliefs have over our personal lives and our collective culture. The power of our beliefs often defies logic. Logical or not, it is clear the beliefs which people construct about their life and about themselves, strongly influence the decisions emerging in their minds and hearts.

During my years as AD at Blue Springs High School, I became friends with several ADs from Minnesota. At that time (early 2000s) students in Minnesota could attend any high school they chose each year as long as they were enrolled in the new high school before the first day of school. They cited examples of some very good athletes, particularly in the metropolitan areas, who would attend a different high school every year..

“I have more bounce in my step than a lot of guys coming out of college,” Britton said. “A guy in my position has to work harder than the 6 2, 6 3 guy, the prototype receiver. I have to go out each day and outwork the next guy. Within our team, Katy is a passionate competitor and is one of the most disciplined athletes I have ever had the privilege of coaching. Her eyes are always set on excellence, whether on the court, in the classroom, or in her personal life. She always strives to be the best she can be for the glory of God.”.

Victim of overnight shooting diesVictim of overnight shooting diesJustin MorganUpdate: Creighton Court shooting victim identifiedMan found dead in Creighton CourtLewis J.Devin Hawkins, 13, and another teen were shot late Saturday night on Timsberry Terrace in the southern part of the county.Now police are looking for two men, 21 year old William Walker and 21 year old Jermon Woodson Jones.Police think one of them was the triggerman who killed the teen and injured a 17 year old.A candlelight vigil will be held Monday night to remember Devin Hawkins. In front of his home. The address is 3642 Broadwater Road.Friends and family all called Hawkins “Chompy” and say he was a budding football star with his sights set on playing in the NFL.His brother says two other men in the neighborhood were fighting last night when Chompy was gunned down outside of his own home.One thing always comes up when family and friends talk about Chompy he loved football and was pretty good at it too.

“It’s going to grow the game, help people understand it,” said Lyle Thompson, who finished his Albany career with 400 points and is the only college player to notch three 100 point seasons. “It’s been basically my whole life. It’s given me a bunch of opportunities.

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