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But it still remains to be seen if the city itself wants the NFL back. LA just doesn’t seem to miss the NFL. LA’s lack of desire is a definite boon to other potential cities.. And we are, too, and trying to support them and guide them and help them. I don know how to speculate about that based on the stages of their career and all of that. I don know.

Morgan Freeman point was that black history should be celebrated every day of the year along with other American history. He said the celebration of black culture and achievement should not be relegated to just one month. Stacey Dash is called black history Mont, BET, the NAACP Image Awards, and other things that celebrate black culture and achievement a form of segregation on the part of black people.

Owing to the very nature of their day to day duties, police personnel routinely face the possibility of being assaulted or murdered. There is no other occupation in society that places the risk of murder or grievous bodily harm during day to day duties as a condition of employment. Reported that 96 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty.

I can wait to get to Buffalo so I can see the fans. I just can wait to get the whole feel of the NFL. It something that so surreal that you never think it get here. Real Eagles fans only want to win the Super Bowl. Team officials, whether they admit it or not, decided they could not do it with McNabb.(An aside: Respected NFL commentator Ray Didinger hit it on the head last night when he was asked what he wished McNabb had done better. He said McNabb would have helped himself, his image and his team if he had been better at accepting criticism.

I received last week Sports Illustrated in the mail yesterday, a particular source of frustration for me. But that another story. Appearances by Idahoans are rare in SI In The Crowd, feature, but here another, Layton Gallagher of Silverton. We have had about 30 or so entries so far, which is not bad. You have until the end of BID nesstonightto enter. (Here is the 5 at 10 entry: 12; Trubisky; OJ Howard; Titans; Charles Harris.

Cleveland Browns fans know better, of course. You cannot win it all if you cannot win at all. Quarterbacks they should have taken in the draft (Pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garappolo, Derek Carr, etc.) are playing in other cities, and a coach they let go (Bill Belichick) has become the Vince Lombardi of the 21st.

Coach Raymond is trying to build up a program to get back to national significance/prominence. I’m betting he wants his player’s full attention to the task at hand. He may be willing to give up one or two players, but I doubt it’s any more than that..

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