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Winner: Handmaid Tale. Liberal panic over Clinton loss led to Hollywood throwing eight Emmy awards at this drama series on the Hulu live streaming service. It based on a radical feminist novel that imagines America falling under a theocratic Christian dictatorship.

Chargers elder Junior Seau grabbed Leaf by the arm and led him away. Two team employees tended to the reporter. The train was off the tracks. Get drafted by a team, and they invest a lot of time and money into me and my career and my family, Hamonic said of his time which was split between the storied Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Barclays Center. A weird feeling, for sure. Things have a round about way of working for everybody.

Besides the NFL doing everything but put laces on the Bean to overtake our football city, the next 96 hours will distract us with the close of Bulls Bucks, the opening of Blackhawks Wild, the exciting Cubs at Wrigley Field and the White Sox in Minnesota, where they actually will play in front of fans. Not to mention a Saturday unlike any other nationally, thanks to the confluence of the Kentucky Derby and the blockbuster Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao boxing match. The good news is the Bears have so many holes that every potential selection would immediately address a weakness.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) Former Lufkin Panther Jorvorskie Lane has continuously come back to his roots for one charitable act after another. This time, he gave some kids their chance to meet who they deem as their hero Jameis Winston.I found out it was Jameis Winston, he been a lifelong hero for me and he a guy I want to be when I grow up, said Will Stafford.Winston and Lane have developed a friendship over the years as teammates with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was a surprise Lane had been working to make happen for the kids in his “Lane of Hope” a very dear friend of mine and I here because of what he does for his community.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s most frightening villain was the Borg, a hive mind collective that assimilated every life form they came across. Sound familiar? The Borg used to tell their enemies, “Resistance is futile.” Maybe so. But lately, when I look around at those brave, outspoken athletes and entertainers leading the resistance, I think maybe not..

There have been 75 head coach and/or offensive coordinator changes since 2010. (Every time a team hired a new head coach and a new offensive coordinator in the same offseason, I counted that as one change. Every time a team kept its head coach but hired a new offensive coordinator, I counted that as one change.) After the changes, penalties increased 38 times, decreased 35 times and stayed the same twice.

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