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A building in Loraine that had been a bar for a number of years presented an opportunity. Stepping into the 1950s decor was like walking back in time, though, Houglum said. They remodeled to reflect a more woodsy theme.Little work was needed on the exterior, but Lielke said there were some small glitches, such as water pipeline problems.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) A Hopewell woman is behind bars after police say she stole $500,000 from a church she worked for. Chesterfield police arrested 39 year old Jerri Hunter, accusing her of embezzling money over a period of several years.Harold Crowder, spokesman with Chester United Methodist Church, first thought the lack of funds may have been due to a weak economy, but it quickly grew into something more. Crowder says the church is trying to seek justice but with compassion.”One of the things, being a community in faith, we are in prayer for all of those whose lives have been disrupted by these events,” said Crowder.It a chain of events Crowder has never seen in his 30 some years at Chester United Methodist $500,000 stolen from an organization that thrives off its giving and faithful spirit, as any church would.State Police arrested and charged Jerri Hunter Monday on 11 counts of felony embezzlement.

Actress Barbara Steele is 80. Actor Jon Voight is 79. Country singer Ed Bruce is 78. K State’s offensive line vs. Baylor’s front seven. The Wildcats have to establish a running game against the Bears. Once you start doing this, you will feel better about yourself, get those endorphins running and be able to mitigate those vacation blues. We know you will want to do this, but at least for the first couple days of being home, we suggest you avoid it. Looking at the million pictures you took on your Cabo trip is only going to make your Cabo withdrawals worse.

When you’re sitting on an NFL folding stadium seat you can better relax and focus on the game, not on the muscle and bone damage you’ll feel like you’re incurring if you sit directly on the plastic seats themselves. Stadiums were designed with utility in mind, not comfort. Bring your own comfort from home with an NFL folding stadium seat and make your time out to the game the most enjoyable it can be..

Geer, 75, was killed last week in the crash near Sacramento, California. His wife of 49 years, Penny, was hospitalized at the Enloe Medical Centre in Chico. She has since been moved to the intensive care unit at Vancouver General Hospital. Family definitely knows not to come to me with he said, she said, Prescott said. The teammates know, not just me, but throughout this locker room, we don pay attention to that. Ya get paid to do that.

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