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After reading all these comments (for and against), and really trying to be fair, I have become convinced that RR should go. He has managed to take a winning program and turned it into a national joke: One of the worst defenses in the country; Predictable losses against good teams; NCAA violations; Teams that fade in the fourth quarter; A losing record against the Big Ten; Weak special teams. All that so we can have an exciting offense? Exclusively against weak teams? How could that happen to a school that had a winning record for decades and has the drawing power among recruits of the largest stadium in the country, a respectable college degree and a path to the NFL for the best athletes? If DB does give him one more year (I have come to doubt he will), I will support that decision in the hope that RR can turn the defense and special teams around and can return Michigan to greatness.

(6) Proofreading ” As with spell checking, proofreading is extremely important. If at all possible, you are urged not to do this. You may want to write now and proofread later. Thank you for your understanding and your continued thoughts and prayers for the victim family and our Salem High School family. Lt IE 9]>were in my son drama class and they come on to the announcement that we were on an internal lockdown, Smith added. They first said that the school was going on an internal lockdown all the kids kind of went into panic mode like my God, what going on?’ inside didn know the answer.

This was very telling since one of the factors a judge can take into consideration when determining release conditions is the of the evidence against the accused. State motion requests Judge Granville dismiss the case prejudice. If granted, the state would have the ability in the future to bring charges against Merritt if it obtains additional evidence.

It thrilling and fun to watch the tarring of an evil empire and Brady have been so good and so ruthless for so long it toxic when it happens like this. What do the chattering classes want? Should the NFL conduct yet another dawdling investigation to exonerate and venerate itself, when its own bad governance is to blame? Sounds like that the plan. All the while, we stripped slowly of our sense of proportion.

WHAT IF THEY’D LOST?: Chiefs coach Andy Reid knows how to party. After a 29 13 victory over the Dolphins wrapped up the AFC West title for Kansas City, Reid addressed his team, and the media, in a Santa Claus suit. Rams coach Sean McVay took a different tact after Los Angeles beat Tennessee to win the NFC West, celebrating with his best imitation of wrestler Ric Flair .

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