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By Theresa Schmidt bio emailAs the sun peeps over the horizon on Mardi Gras morning, depending on where you are, you can hear the whooping and hollering of revelers in places such as Iowa, Iota, Oberlin and elsewhere.They have a Mardi Gras celebration unique to their area in Iowa, Louisiana. It just down the road from Lake Charles where they keep Mardi Gras tradition alive with a chicken run that for many years featured the late, great Boo Zoo Chavis. There plenty of music, dancing, chasin chickens and a big gumbo and dance by the end of the night.In Oberlin the Courier de Mardi Gras gets up with the sun.

For all the talk of diminishing global reliance on fossil fuels, China is expected to go on buying and consuming more natural gas. Gulf ports and the ambient air temperature is lower, so it takes less energy to liquefy the gas. Product is rich in propane, butane and other liquids.

As for Smith’s staff, former Cal coach Jeff Tedford, who coached Aaron Rodgers and DeSean Jackson, among others, is expected to be the new offensive coordinator. Smith also would like to hire Rod Marinelli as defensive coordinator. But they’ve not asked the Cowboys for permission to talk to Marinelli, who is under contract as their defensive line coach..

Yes, I am interested in him graduating. Many of these young men may be the first in their family to graduate from college. I was the first in my family to graduate.Herm tells each parent, want your son to be coachable, be available, and be on time. Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Roger Angell, albeit late, and thanks . Pat Bowlen, the longtime owner of the Denver Broncos who is battling Alzheimer never wanted to see the NFL in Canada. He grew up in Edmonton as a huge Eskimos fan.

Stewart (6 0, 300, Alabama) begins his 11th season in the AFL and second with the Cobras. After beginning the 2003 campaign with the Arizona Rattlers, he signed with Carolina in early April and went on to record six tackles and a sack in six games. Stewart has previously been recognized as the 1999 AFL Lineman of the Year as well as earning First Team All Arena honors on three occasions (1994, 1999, 2001).

“The less meniscus that you have, there are more forces on the knee joint that could contribute to arthritis,” McCarty said. “That’s why we don’t like to take out much meniscus tissue if we don’t have to. If his was repairable, then that’s the best thing for the long term health of his knee..

Douglas used the word multiple times when discussing Barnett on Thursday. He was talking at the granular level of a scout one of Barnett’s greatest assets is his ability to maintain his speed and power as he closes on a quarterback after gaining a dominant position on a blocker but the term could have fit a more abstract context as well. Our minds are susceptible to a recency bias, and given the amount of time a personnel staff can spend with a ground level view of a player between the end of the college season and the start of the draft, it’s only human that things like pro day drills and combine workouts and in person visits start to challenge three years of game action for preeminence.

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