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I was a big insect collector. I would collect insects in the backyard, keep them as pets . Whatever I could find. And that means some Republicans are going to be put into a trick bag. Most Republicans with far right primary opponents can’t embrace the governor, for obvious reasons. And if they embrace Rauner’s primary opponent they could risk losing out on the so called “Retire Madigan” money.

As a comparison, the NFL has a .375 participation percentage. Using these numbers, brackets should be expanded until the max of 8 teams per region is reached. The women’s lax bracket should be at 24 this year (6 for each of the 4 regions) and by the 2019 season there should be enough men’s lax teams to have a 16 team bracket (8 for each of the 2 regions).

SAN DIEGO (AP) Dick Enberg spent many Midwestern nights and Saturday afternoons listening to baseball and football broadcasts on the radio. As soon as he could, he got behind a microphone himself.It was a vastly different era, one that helped shape a distinguished broadcasting career that spanned six decades and included covering pretty much every big sporting event there is.Enberg, 81, is down to his final few innings in the booth. It’s up to the San Diego Padres to do something this weekend that will evoke an “Oh my!” or “Touch ’em all!” call from Enberg, who will retire after Sunday’s game at Arizona.Enberg will step away from the microphone for good on the same day Vin Scully ends his remarkable 67 year career calling Dodgers games.Is it the end of an era?”That’s an era only in that we all got old and we grew up in a different system,” Enberg said.

Mayor Daniel says upgrading the road to a freeway with interchanges and interstate safety measures will dramatically cut down on accidents along the stretch. You look at where the accidents happen, rarely do they happen in the middle of a stretch. Usually they happen at an intersection, said Mayor Daniel.

Hicks said. Not taking linebackers off the field. Not all of them, anyway. “I’m sure Jameis (Winston) gets scrutinized, as well. I’m sure Gerald (McCoy) and Lavonte (David) get scrutinized, as well. There is pressure at every position, but it’s how you deal with it,” Murray added.

As a rule, the alt right white supremacist movement tends to disdain professional sports, mainly because the big leagues are filled with people of color and are closer to a meritocracy of talent than almost anything else in society. The NFL, for instance, has welcomed numerous athletes from Samoa where coincidentally The Daily Stormer recently transferred its domain. So when majority minority sports leagues such as the NBA or the NFL suffer hardship, racists rejoice..

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