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Go to the NFL, or return to Tech for his senior year. On Christmas Eve, the wide receiver announced on his Instagram that he would be entering the NFL Draft.”This was such a difficult decision I had to make for me and my family,” Coutee said in the post. “Thank you all for an amazing three years at the best university there is.

The fiancee of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez says she thought his suicide was a hoax.Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez says in an interview on “Dr. Phil” scheduled to air next week that she thought “some cruel person” was playing a trick on her when she heard Hernandez hand hanged himself in his prison cell on April 19, days after he was acquitted of a double murder. He was still serving a life sentence for another killing.Jenkins Hernandez said her last conversation with the former New England Patriots player was positive and she “felt like we were looking so bright.”She also addresses rumors about Hernandez’s purported secret love life and whether she thinks he killed himself so she could collect millions of dollars.The interview with Dr.

If you celebrated the league railroading of Brady in DeflateGate, you cheered Roger Goodell unstoppable, absolute power. Your fandom is bad and you should feel bad. And this list is just another example of how absurd this whole thing with the Patriots and the rest of America has gotten.

All Americans are entitled to due process and access to the courts. It’s wrong for special interest groups to exploit a well intended law to reap attorney fees and fund their agendas. Congress should address this issue by bringing greater transparency and accountability to EAJA, and by making it more difficult for groups to stymie responsible forest projects that benefit our environment, protect our resources and support local jobs.

Little Erika was shot five times and left for dead at her mother home. WAVE 3 Investigator Lindsay English reports on the arrest in the case.After a 15 month investigation, two men both convicted felons are in custody charged with the murder of Earon Harper and the attempted murder of little Erica Hughes.It a scene few can forget. With sirens on, police and firefighters racing to save a life knowing the little girl being rushed to the hospital no longer had a mother.Now more than a year later, two men 22 year old Kenneth A.

FILE In this Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, file photo, Indianapolis Colts inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson (52) intercepts a pass intended for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski during the first half of the AFC championship NFL football. FILE In this Sunday, Jan.

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