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Foreign nations have bet on America internal divisions before, but they mostly been wrong. Abraham Lincoln persistence preserved the Union, even as some European nations thought America would splinter. Franklin Roosevelt Chats helped keep America together during the 1930s when some left wing and right wing agitators were urging violence, and fascism and communism abroad seemed the wave of the future..

Springfield College takes immediate action whenever a player is hurt. According toSpringfield College Athletic Trainer Barclay Dugger, a concussion is suspected, they are immediately pulled out of activity and run through battery tests on the sideline. So if there is any sign of a concussion, we have to pull them out of activity for that day.

The proposed legislation won’t go before lawmakers until the 2016 legislative session. And with drones being one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season, Swope believes it’s important for people to know, these aren’t toys. “What separates, what I would call a drone, an unmanned aerial system, from the little helicopter that you buy in a kiosk in the mall, is the GPS lock.” Explained Swope.

The TTC said more than 65,000 peopleuse the King streetcar during the week, but the rocket slows down to a crawl due to traffic congestion. Some might even say it faster to get off and walk. The pilot project aims to keep that stretch of road virtually car free, allowing streetcars to move unhindered..

Barr: In some ways my life lacked models. I grew up in rural Illinois. I thought well of my parents, but my dad was no poet. Take fantasy sports for instance. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, fantasy sports have a $3 4 billion dollar effect on the economy and involve over 42 million people from age 12 and up. It hard to believe that at a certain point in time, the NBA actually tried to put an end to the fantasy craze before it even began just one example of how new technology can have unforeseen benefits..

We need a system in place that when the prosecution, the police or any of their witnesses lie or cheat or falsify evidence they go to prison for life without parole. These are supposed to be our most trusted people. If they fail us they need to be locked up forever, never to see the light of day again! Deaver should be in prison without any possibility of ever getting out.

I left the stadium, there was a guy selling a LeSean McCoy jersey for $5 bucks and nobody was buying it. And I was like, come on Shady, that not right. You just don do that. We continue to have that bitter wind on Friday. Snow showers, flurries and blowing snow will continue especially in areas west of I 99. There will also be peeks of sunshine, especially east of I 99 but any sunshine will be out only for moral support with highs only in the single digits.

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