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Fader points out that ultimately, both Amazon and Google want to be viewed as the gatekeepers of e commerce. Which one succeeds remains to be seen, but Amazon has its work cut out. Is a potential threat, Fader says. By Adam Hooper bio emailLAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) An accident along Highway 165 left two vehicles virtually unrecognizable after a white Ford truck, traveling north, cut through the median and struck a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction head on.According to police, 45 year old Sheila Serie of Ville Platte was a passenger in the vehicle at fault. She was pronounced dead at the scene.34 year old Shannon Cox of Lake Charles was in the vehicle that was struck, and she too was pronounced dead on the scene.46 year old Beth Zilbert of Lake Charles was a passenger in vehicle that was hit. She was airlifted to a local hospital with moderate injuries.The driver, 45 year old Roy Serie of Ville Platte who police say is responsible also sustained moderate injuries.According to police, before the driver cut through the median, witnesses say he was obviously having problems.”Approximately four miles north of I 10, the vehicle started to run off the road for unknown reasons,” said Sgt James Anderson with Louisiana State Police.According to State Police, witnesses on the scene say Roy Serie said he was having trouble staying awake while driving.”It is the responsibility of any driver to be sure that they are in a responsible state of mind before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle,” said Sgt.

Not only does Dr. Ellis use the same methods in Virginia Beach, he and Dr. Kerasidis worked together as co presenters at a recent American Psychological Association convention.. One of my favorite moments comes at the start of the first playoff game against Indianapolis just as Lewis is about to be introduced. The NFL cameras go where none of the networks did. And after talking us way, way backstage with Lewis, they cut to the Indianapolis sidelines to eavesdrop on two players waiting for Lewis to take the field..

The early use of P2P networks was for digital piracy, P2P networks are increasingly being used for legitimate content distribution, including music, video and software, writes Kartik Hosanagar, a Wharton professor of operations and information management, in a recent paper on P2P business models. Example, Grooveshark, rVibe, We7 and iMesh are firms that use P2P networks to distribute music to users. The music is licensed from the music labels, the files are distributed from users machines and the P2P firms provide software and billing.

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