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He in the fight of his life and can see 2 feet in front of him. What does he say? That right me Mick You see by cutting the top of his eyelids he allowed the swelling go down so he could see his opponent. Not much different then what we have to do. Former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner went head to head with a Scottsdale kindergartner, to see who can pick the most winners in this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament.The longtime NFL quarterback filled out a March Madness bracket, as did CBS 5 News reporter Jason Barry’s son, Josh Barry, 5, to see how his picks would stack up against a sports legend.”I love the game of basketball, so I feel like, as an older guy, I should be able to do better than a 5 year old,” Warner said.Warner used his vast sports knowledge and insight to make his picks.”Just like when I was playing in the NFL, teams hottest going into the playoffs, I believe, have the best chance to continue to advance and make a run for a championship,” said Warner.Barry, however, had a different strategy.”I like Butler because it has the word, ‘but’ in it,” said Josh.The 5 year old may not know where Xavier or St. Johns are located, but he sure knows all his Super Heroes and Star Wars characters.”Obi Wan, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo,” said Barry.”Maybe there’s something to that,” said Warner. “I think we’re going to see in a year from now, everybody will be picking off of Super Heroes and Star Wars.”To be fair, Josh did get a little help from his friends, but in the end the 5 year old picked the team he’s most familiar with.”I’m taking Arizona because I live here,” said Barry.The kid was so confident about his picks, he started talking some trash, even Warner also picked the U of A to win it all.”I think I can probably pick better than him,” said Barry.

After that, money came in erratically. That’s when Bradshaw took Session to court. At first, he represented himself, stating that he had no income and couldn afford child support or even hire an attorney. Back in Tucker Stadium on Nov. 3, Tech hosts Murray State. The Racers beat Tech 31 21 on the road last season in the 83rd meeting in the series the longest running series in the Golden Eagles’ upcoming 97th season of football.

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