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“I think I was better than some of the guys that were chosen [ahead of me],” said Jones. “But God put me in the spot where I supposed to be. I was getting a little antsy, a little frustrated. We do, if we observe them on the phone is continue to monitor what they are doing, and I don care who you are if you take your eyes off the road for more than a few seconds you are going to start to drive off the road and commit other violations, Kindler said. That happens we are going to make the traffic stop and we are going to educate you. Then you are going to move on and hopefully you never do it again.

Storm prediction is total bull, said the 75 year old Riverside resident. Any day. That the truth. Some have danced better in front of thousands, but none none has ever had more fun doing it. Early on, when her nickname first surfaced, careful not to insult her in print, I asked if it was OK to use it in a column. Her response? “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t use it.” She laughed.

It like a politician saying have a deep faith that global warming is going to kill us all, but as a Congressman I won force carbon reduction laws on people who don share my faith. Or a candidate who says am a devout Catholic and I know my Pope says abortion is a sin, but I going to force every American, including Catholics, to fund abortion. So why advertise his religion at all?.

This award is named in honor of Pro Football Hall of Famer Lou Toe Groza, who played for 21 seasons with the Cleveland Browns. He won four NFL Championships during his career and was named the NFL Player of the Year in 1954. Anderson is the sole representative of the Pac 12 on the Lou Groza Watch list..

“Going through college and my first couple years in the league, I never looked at the Hall of Fame or at the (gold) jackets,” Moss says. “I loved and enjoyed the game. As I retired, now on my fifth year and up as a finalist, now is the time I really looked at, Am I Hall of Fame worthy? Will I get the nod?’.

While players such as Oakland running back Marshawn Lynch and Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett have sat during the anthem this preseason, others, such as San Francisco safety Eric Reid and Philadelphia cornerback Ron Brooks, have opted to take a knee. Still others, such as Philadelphia safety Malcolm Jenkins and Los Angeles Rams linebacker Robert Quinn, have raised their fists in the air. A handful of white players such as Philadelphia defensive lineman Chris Long and Seattle center Justin Britt have shown their support by resting a hand on the shoulder of a protesting teammate..

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