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Though fatuous, these are the narratives that we’re sold, and sport is nothing without narrative. Gerald Early, who has written frequently on sports throughout his career, is one of the cultural critics best able to lay these narratives bare. His treatment helps us to remember that sport is popular culture, and as worthy of analysis as music, film, literature, or any other form thoroughly embedded with meaning and context.

Definitely think that our run through the playoffs was unprecedented seeing as our longest trip was up to McKinleyville, Benbow said. Mean, that just doesn happen. I know how special it is to be here in Humboldt County, to be home and places you used to.

Frank Artiles, who muttered, “Hold my cerveza, bro.” Artiles was already well known for trying to ban doctors from discussing guns with patients, sponsoring a (failed) Florida version of North Carolina’s transphobic bathroom bill, and deriding Muslims as “hajis.” Artiles, a GOP mainstay from West Kendall, had long been a malignant force in Tallahassee. The hard right loon was also accused of punching a college kid in the face at a bar, got caught lying about living in his district, and accepted an all expenses paid vacation from Florida Power Light before writing pro energy monopoly bills. But in April, he made even Florida Republicans shun him by dropping the N bomb in front of a black legislator.

Ryan says have been made in the tax code since the great Reagan reform of 1986. Far from it. But hypocrisy in politics won shock anyone.What most interesting about both the Ryan and the Romney economic plans is how conservative they are in the strictest sense of that word.

Following the team’s fourth state title, Bentley was honored as Nike’s National Coach of the Year. In his first year at PC, the Blue Hose ranked third nationally in both passing yards and total offense and finished in the top 15 in both scoring and passing efficiency. He and his wife, the former Paulette West, are the parents of five children: Chas, Shuler, Jacob, Brooks and Emily..

Tagovailoa was brilliant at times, though he had a few freshman moments. He threw an interception when he tried to pass on a running play and all his receivers were blocking. He also darted away from pass rushers and made some impeccable throws, showing poise of a veteran.

‘Hi oAiTONiA aAirrn. Oct. Ar. “I would say maybe a mile a gallon, I had some customers say they seen 3 or 4” said Todd Wright with Gateway Tires on Airline Dr. Sound dangerous? it actually not. “We breathing 78 percent nitrogen right now” said Wright.

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