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So I went back on some film from last year, big difference! His very first UM snap, he was jittery, fumbled the ball (though he did pick it up and run for a touchdown in a panic). Even the hurtful iowa pass to end UM chances he was nervous, bad read. Point is, it was just a spring game but I saw NFL QB actions, compared to a fresh out of school QB from last season.

“I think Keenan has improved remarkably over the past year. I don’t coach receivers, but I see him catching the ball over the middle, I see his toughness blocking, I see all those skills that have gotten better on a daily basis,” Rosburg said. “From a special teams aspect, he’s catching the ball so much better as a returner.

I heard the news last night, it really broke my heart because it was like he another dad. It like I had two fathers instead of one, Mary Ellis said. Was an honorable man. American and Mexican counterparts have been exceptionally aggressive in attracting auto investment, he said. Do what it takes and have a mindset to win the business. We are not as aggressive and Ontario has been declining in automotive jobs.

Dan Wiederer: I’ve been amazed at how many fans have taken the Bears’ conservative and, in my opinion, practical approach with Trubisky as an affront. It’s as if the concept of the rookie easing his way into full NFL readiness has somehow become misinterpreted as the organization choosing Glennon over Trubisky as the long term answer at the sport’s most important position. That’s not what this is..

“It’s hard for me to say because I don’t really look at Landry like that. A lot. I mean, I don’t know. The size thing is also overblown. At 6 foot 5 at 305 pounds, he is comparable to former left guard Logan Mankins (6 foot 4, 308 pounds) and bigger than center David Andrews (6 foot 3, 295 pounds) and Mason (6 foot 1, 310 pounds). Thuney is more of a technician than Mankins was or Mason is now, so I’m not comparing his strength to those two.

Crazy, it really hasn set in yet, Sanders said. A weird feeling, like I really don know what to say. With Mathis on special teams were record setting kicker Neil Rackers of the Cardinals and Bills punter Brian Moorman, both first timers. That kind of is a bad look. REID: That pisses me off. I disappointed in our fans.

You could tell from some of the things we did in Kansas City offensively, we were trying to be a little bit out of the box and new wave type of stuff, Nagy said. Was easy when I was approached, and started researching different names, that he was the guy. Trubisky is the key for the Bears offense, and Nagy cited it as a reason for hiring Helfrich..

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