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In November 2002, the world was captivated by the biggest archaeological discovery ever made relating to Jesus: a 2,000 year old ossuary or bone box bearing the tantalizing inscription in Aramaic: son of Joseph, brother of Jesus. It was true, this was the first physical evidence ever found of Jesus existence. And yet, if this amazing ossuary was false, then it was one of the greatest forgeries in history..

Chad was like, “Come on outside, then” and Grant didn’t move. It kind of seemed like Grant was undermining himself. The next morning, Jordan was antagonizing Chad, and Chad said he would find him at home after the show was over and beat him up. The football star also stated that the injuries Holder had suffered a year earlier in May 2014 during an incident at his apartment were caused after she fell into his bathtub despite the fact that in July 2014 a North Carolina judge found him guilty ofassaulting Holder and communicating threats.Deadspinobtained the transcript of the hearing in which Hardy and his team also claim Holder contacted him thousands of times asking to have sex.Among those in the room for the hearing was Lisa Friel, who was previously in charge of sex crime prosecutions for New York City District Attorney’s office and was brought on by the NFL to deal with domestic assault incidents with players.Friel said little to nothing during the proceedings, never questioning Hardy or his lawyer’s account of the events that occurred that evening.Hardy was eventually suspend by the NFL for his actions, but returned to play this season for the Dallas Cowboys (above)On the night in question Hardy, 27, claims that Holder made a scene when the two were leaving a bar and forced him to take her back to his apartment.He said that he did not want to take her home and that her attempts to seduce him with sex no longer worked on him, something he claimed she used frequently in the past.Later at the apartment he asked everyone to leave according to his lawyer Frank Maister, but Holder refused to do so.Holder, 25, then began slamming the bedroom doors in the apartment according to Hardy and his lawyer, before saying; ‘If you want me to go home I am going to kill myself. I will kill myself. Is that what you want? You want me to kill myself?’She then went to put her clothes on in the bathroom according to Maister, and then ‘at some point ends up in the bathtub.’Hardy said that he did not see her fall into the tub even though he was there when it happened as he was holding the door open with his foot.Then, when he went in to help her up Maister claims Holder began ‘punching, kicking, scratching, hitting.’Soon after this they claim is when Hardy called 911, alleging he had been the victim.Hardy was ultimately suspended for ten games by National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell in April, but an arbitrator in July trimmed the ban to four games.Hardy returned to the field October 11, playing for the Dallas Cowboys who gave him an $11.3million one year contract.In police documents from the night of the incident that were obtained by Deadspin last week however, Holder told a far different story.Holder was initially afraid to speak with police, telling them after she was stopped while heading away from Hardy’s apartment; ‘It doesn’t matter.

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