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I was eating. Sorry for the interruption. Get ready to blast video the future with help from the past. So from 2013 2025, OU, which is No. 7 in all time wins, will have played eight of the other top 15 teams in history. Keep in mind Ivy League teams Yale, Harvard, Penn and Princeton make up four of the remaining teams on the list.

Well, now the seasonal business includes perhaps a revised code of anthem conduct that, done poorly, is almost certain to be polarizing. Goodell was already trying recast from his Tuesday memo the belief by Trump and others that he ordered all players to stand. He sent a follow up statement Wednesday that the memo was a mandate to stand for the anthem..

Vision is everything. You have to be to hit a target, you have to be looking tat. That would affect your ability to compete. This is the same young man who got an official Longoria jersey when was he was 11 to celebrate Longoria’s arrival in 2008. And the same young man who grew out of that jersey and replaced it with a bigger No. 3 jersey that is on a hanger in a room where a Longoria poster used to be..

Mobile resident Danny Sheridan, a nationally known sports analyst and handicapper, met McCants when the athlete was 14. Sheridan liked the kid, who lived in the city’s Orange Grove neighborhood of subsidized housing, and grew close to him as his football career evolved. But when the NFL draft approached, when McCants bypassed his senior season for riches that could free his family from poverty, there were ominous signs..

The heavyweight champ of dive bars, the Caravan is a die hard local watering hole where the unpretentiously thirsty can carry on with excellence. When local bands and DJs aren’t blaring out rock centric tunes, the jukebox supplies just about every kind of music you can think of, offering a soundtrack for tattooed sharks to sharpen their skills on the pool table. All walks of life congregate here regularly; wizened blue collar sots, punk rock hipsters with artfully messed up haircuts, biz pro types taking a relaxing post work walk on the divey side and even the occasional vagrant whose last bit of cash is dedicated to the strong and cheap drinks the Van provides..

We will see to it that the victims’ families and the survivors are supported in this time of great sorrow and need. There is no higher duty we have as city leaders than to protect the health and safety of our residents and I thank the Akron Fire Department for their bravery in responding to this fire and for their attempts to rescue those trapped inside. I offer my full supportand confidence as the professionals work to investigate the cause of this fire.”.

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