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The Chargers have until Jan. 15 to decide on relocation.Also Wednesday, the Chargers said defensive end Damion Square has been suspended four games without pay for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.The Chargers issued the following statement:Our contract discussions and offers to the representatives of Joey Bosa have been both fair and structurally consistent with the contracts of every other Chargers player. We gave Joey representatives our best offer last night, which was rejected today.

For a candidate to be able to claim that they advocate for the entire Latinx population on campus and their needs, they usually seek out the RAZA endorsement. Yet how can such individuals claim to represent such a diverse community when RAZA itself fails to be inclusive of the members of said community? It is time for RAZA to address the problems that it faces within itself as an organization and the privilege that many of the members of our community hold. It is time for the Latinx community on campus to be well, thoroughly and accurately represented in all its beautiful complexities.

Boston University researchers found CTE in 110 of 111 brains of deceased NFL players. In 53 other brains from college players, 48 had CTE. There was significant selection bias: Many of the brains came from families who had noticed CTE symptoms, including mood disorders and dementia.

A long season, not everything is going to be perfect, Heyward said. Going to be tempers, there going to be stuff said. It just about tempers and focusing on what you can control. Exactly how much has the process changed? There’s a sophomore from Yale who declared. Southeast Missouri State freshman Tony Anderson didn’t even start for his high school team yet declared after his freshman year. St.

Typically, 450 Christmas meals are served, but this year volunteers will prepare enough food for 600 people.”There is a new homeless that we find we are regularly serving, those who are maybe not living on the streets but have lost their homes and jobs and live with relatives,” Parker said. “It helps to stretch their limited budgets a little bit.”The Salvation Army in Sarasota served just short of 1,000 people on Thanksgiving, and organizers are using that turnout as a barometer for Christmas, said general manager Bryan Pope.Last year, about 800 people attended each dinner.While the needs are great this holiday season, throughout the region the drive to help on Christmas Day is, too.At United Methodist, that means Catholics, Protestants and Jews will join the church regulars in cooking sweet potato casserole and serving about 900 pounds of turkey.”It’s the first year that has happened,” Talada said of the inter denominational volunteers. “They asked their friends if they’d be accepted and we gave them a job.”For Peter “King of the Kitchen” Patrick, who is in charge of the roasting, slicing and reheating crews, extra volunteers sometimes create more work at first.As he supervised a half dozen workers roasting turkeys Wednesday morning, Patrick looked around the kitchen for a place to use the hands of first year volunteer Patrick Glanz, 14, who is visiting his grandfather and “master roaster” Jim Baines from Louisville.

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