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Page 2 THE DAILY GLOBE, Iroowood, Ml Friday, Nov. 15, 1985 11/16/85 MORNING 5:00 O CNN Headline News O Romper Room 10 Take Time i Dangermouse I Donald Duck Presents 5:30 O Between the Lines B It’s Your Business 0 Vintage Football Film: The Great Years 0 NICK Rocks B Mousercise 6:00 B Inquiry O Saturday Funnies Q Wild Kingdom O 3D Gummi Bears IB Jimmy Swaggart O Sports Faith 60 Powerhouse B Life on Earth: Theme and Variations 8 Wish Upon a Star 6:30 Q ABC Weekend Special: The Bollo Caper (CC) An African golden leopard strives to save himself and his species from extinction. (R).

Stronger, is Horton advice to Mingo. In the weight room, which I sure he will, and also live in the playbook, which I know he will. We ask a lot of that position. The quarterback didn’t have as much success connecting with starting tight end Eric Ebron, who dropped a pass in the end zone and had another pass go through his hands. Even though Ebron has a history of dropping passes, Detroit coach Jim Caldwell insisted he’s not concerned about it. “No one was perfect out there, and he came back in the game and made a catch or two, so I wouldn’t say it is in his head,” Caldwell said.

Here are some photos taken on and around the observing deck at our session Monday night. The first two show the International Space Station, which passed over just before our first session. First shot is of the ISS appearing and moving up in the southwest, the next is shows it at max altitude and brightness (mag 3.3).

Halas once labeled Ed Healey from the 1920s “the most versatile tackle of all time” for his six year Hall of Fame career. Julius Peppers, Wally Chambers and Tommie Harris each made three Pro Bowls during Chicago careers that lasted only four, five, and seven years, respectively. Longevity and durability characterize these top 10..

But this was also hostile territory, and you knew that the Uruguayans wouldn give up. They shown a scorpion like ability to strike when the moment presented itself, and when Canada couldn collect the kickoff to open the second half, the Teros went to work. They piled the pressure, quickly, just like on their first half try, and eventually Juan Manuel Cat powered through a Ben Lesage tackle to get his team within striking distance..

Surrattsville has never made the playoffs in football, and while it still early, it seems the Clinton school luck is going to change this fall. Helping the Hornets cause is the fact that they don face defending state 3A champion Friendly this season. Their game against Forestville this weekend should be a good test, and then come October dates on the road against Douglass and Gwynn Park.

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