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Reporter: For 16 years of officiating grade school, high school and college games, she was spotted by a scout. I have an official you need to look at. He said, what’s his name? He said, her name is sarah? Yeah. Gloria Smith said: was smart, sharp, witty but very approachable. He had lots of business going on but seemed to love mentoring others never too busy. Friend, Mary Kalkanis described Giannini as fun loving, full of life and an overall great guy.

FILE In this Sept. Jones has been arrested in Los Angeles following a naked, bloody argument with his brother, Vikings receiver Cayleb Jones. A police spokesman says the player, whose legal name is Isaiah Avery Jones, was arrested Monday night, March 19, 2018, after officers responded to a disturbance.

Alonso is on pace for 163 tackles for the season. Carolina’s Luke Kuechly led the NFL as a rookie last season with 164 tackles. The highest a Bills defender has finished in tackles in the past decade is third. First time contributor, long time lurker. Watching Celtic last night and how well we played for 70 odd minutes against a team with the talent of Fernabache. It got me thinking about what Dermott Desmond has been saying in the papers again this week about Celtic and Rangers joining the EPL, is there a good reason for them not to be included? I will go one further, clubs like Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen would add something to the English structure, these three clubs have massive support that given the right chance could thrive.

Flames ripped through a home in South Los Angeles on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015. Thursday at the 1100 block of West 73rd Street, in the Vermont Knolls neighborhood, where the single story residence was fully engulfed in flames, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.The blaze was extinguished within an hour by some 30 firefighters, said LAFD Battalion Chief Dale Drummond.None of the occupants were home at the time of the fire, which caused the roof to partially collapse, the battalion chiefsaid.

Every team is up for grabs, and you can bid on whom you want in your stable. In some variations, each participant has a maximum budget, and you can blow that allotment on a couple of the best teams or diversify with a large group of Cinderellas. In the version that Grinnell College professor Erik Simpson helped come up with, “teams are bought in a standard auction format, with rising bids in 10 cent increments.” Then, each game that one of your teams wins is worth a certain percentage of the total pot.

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