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Roethlisberger was all of 22 at the time. And while the sting of the first defeat of his NFL career was eased the next season when the Steelers won three postseason games on the road including an upset of Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to help the Steelers claim their fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy, the opportunity to even things against Brady when it really mattered never materialized. At least until now, when the 34 year old Roethlisberger and the 39 year old Brady are “two old guys that have been playing in this game for a long time,” as Roethlisberger put it..

CTE has since been found in the brains of all nine of the retired or active players who have killed themselves since 2010. Among those was Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau and former Super Bowl champion safety Dave Duerson, both of whom shot themselves in the chest after retirement. This list includes Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, who, while still an active player, shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to the team’s training facility and shot himself to death in the parking lot in front of his coaches..

“I think we’re seeing an uptick in a number of people who are being attacked verbally and otherwise. Not so much here in city, but around the country,” May said. “I think we’ve got to be vigilant for all sorts of folks (including) people of color. Thought the level would be a little more consistent, maybe. It might have to do with the ice, too. Definitely seeing some upsets and mistakes you normally don see.

Meanwhile, Lockie continues to be a bit of an enigma. He looked fantastic on the UO scoring drive he led last weekend, then looked every bit the backup quarterback. It was such a telltale sign when UO coaches went with Adams not only to start the season, but also with a purportedly bad finger at Michigan State.

An all time top 10 audience, the Super Bowl once again proved that it the most dominant and consistent property on television, Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC broadcasting and sports, said in a statement. Bowl LII delivered for all of our partners, and provided us with the unique opportunity to give America a look ahead at the Olympic Winter Games. The Olympics began Thursday..

At the end of the recent NFL Super Bowl, three of the Philadelphia Eagles the head coach, quarterback and the receiver who made the game winning touchdown each praised the Lord after the momentous victory. I caught the end of that game while on a mini retreat with five priests. In response to the “God talk,” one of them said “that’s a good way to begin our retreat: All glory to God!”.

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