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Now that Johnny Football has been drafted some team finally did select him, right? Manziel not still chugging water at that table? all eyes turn toward Michael Sam. Usually, the second through seventh rounds of the NFL draft, which ESPN and the NFL network will broadcast tonight and Saturday, are only of interest to die heard fans. (And plenty of them will stay inside on a lovely spring Saturday, to see whom their favorite team snares in the fifth round.

But it not about managerial stupidity or foolishness. It about how do we respond, and it tough. It about trade offs. The other kid there that really impressed me a lot was the defensive back, Glenn. I didn’t know much about him, he plays almost all off coverage. But he’s got really good feet, made a lot of plays on the ball, will tackle.

Maraniss didn quit his job, but securing Wallace cooperation spent many nights and weekends of the ensuing eight years researching and writing Inside. A compelling tale and tough to read in spots. The overt racism is stunning to revisit. In part because Carroll demanded it, Wilson took chances with his arm that he feared to take earlier in games. The reluctance to make a turnover is understandable, especially given Carroll main mantra: It all about the ball. But the upshot was that Wilson too many times sought to solve problems with what he could trust: His legs..

There are so many question marks regarding this Tennessee football team, they may not all be answered between now and the end of the season. I have written before, I don’t believe that theory for one minute. Overall, the Ternnessee program is in better shape now than it’s been in for more than a decade.

Technically, Barber also will be a free agent in the 2018 offseason, but after entering the NFL as an undrafted rookie in 2016, he’ll be an exclusive rights free agent. Like all ERFAs, Barber’s immediate future is controlled by his team. The Bucs need to offer him only a one year contract at the minimum salary for a third year player (or more, if they chose), and he either signs it or he doesn’t play in the NFL..

The former Pitt wide receiver was not drafted. Shanahan said he was disappointed but added that he felt better because the New York Jets had called him early in the seventh round and expressed interest. Later, they made it official; the undrafted free agent will try to make the team as a tight end..

CINCINNATI Outdoor tobacco advertising was banned last week by the Cincinnati City Council on a 6 3 vote. Effective July 1, 1996, tobacco ads will be barred from outdoor boards, buses and bus stops, and rights of way. Separately, the California Senate is to vote this week on a bill to eliminate tax deductibility for tobacco ads..

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