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With that heated debate stirred up by colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback refusing to stand for the national anthem before the game. Fans protesting his Jersey burring it, you see some of that right there and now he’s speaking out to defend his actions. ABC’s Ryan smith is here with the latest.

This isn t anything like the Bucs team you took over in 2002 from Tony Dungy. You deserve all the credit in the world for winning Super Bowl XXXVII. You re in the Ring of Honor. This has nothing to do with NFL or American pastime or tradition. This is to get boys and girls to go fly overseas and go kill people. They’re marketing.

Snoqualmie Parkway is almost always clogged with westbound motorists, and backups at the Highway 18/Snoqualmie Falls exit, the main route to access the Ridge, can reach two miles or more during the evening commute. Some 42 percent of Snoqualmie’s residents work outside town, according to city statistics. More than one third of the families have children under 18..

All sorts of companies have joined the crowd for all sorts of reasons. Some are pitching or testing products. Starwood Hotels plans to open its new prototype, The Aloft, in 2008, and has built a virtual version in Second Life to get members feedback on its design and features.

Getting a chance, Wells said the other evening, following a long day of work. Is all I really want. I feel like I didn get an opportunity to even fail the last time with the Phillies. “Nineteen years ago when Columbine happened, we didn’t understand it. We were shocked by it. We didn’t think this was a thing.

Intel Corp., seeking to break into the mobile phone chip market after more than a decade of failed attempts, said new processors going on sale this year give it more competitive capabilities in smartphones and tablets.The Atom x3, the company first chip with an integrated modem needed to connect to cellular networks, is being shipped to customers, Intel said Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company will update the processor to give it access to faster 4G wireless networks in the second half.The world largest chipmaker is taking a new run at wooing customers in the market for mobile phones, where demand is outpacing that for personal computers, Intel stronghold. Last year Intel made progress in tablets, shipping 46 million chips, though that business was supported by subsidy payments to manufacturers that contributed to an operating loss of US$4.21 billion in its mobile division.Intel said it will be among the first to offer a modem chip, the new XMM 7360, that will let phone users pull data from cellular networks at speeds as fast as 450 megabits per second.Qualcomm Inc.

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