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Goodell and his NFL minions didn’t care about standing up for battered women until TMZ exposed them. They were trying to protect Baltimore’s investment in a guy the team has already paid $22 million on his $35 million, five year contract. That’s why they had Janay publicly state she was partly at fault for being on the receiving end of her husband’s left hook..

And you know, I can do more, so I be fine. Loss of Sherman and Kam Chancellor for the season has allowed Wagner to be viewed more in the spotlight and he helping to make up for Seattle losing two of its defensive stars. Wagner is third in the NFL in tackles with 100 through 11 games..

The Bucs didn’t sign McCown to a two year, $10 million contract for him not to be. Veteran head coaches like their veteran quarterbacks, and once McCown became available following a 2013 season for the Bears in which he threw 13 TDs and one interception in place of the injured Jay Cutler, the Bucs pounced. The facts are, the Bucs will be McCown’s sixth team, 13 of his career 50 touchdowns came last season, and he must become as comfortable in Jeff Tedford’s offense in Tampa as he was in Marc Trestman’s Bear attack.

Changes to how student athletes are paid could lead some schools, stuck with nowhere else to turn, to raise other students fees. Universities and colleges could also scale back their athletics programs to cut costs. That be the rational approach, Kirwan said.

It was not apparent whether the penalty had been given for bowing in prayer or for sliding when he scored. Officials did not speak to him about it after the game. Abdullah, 29, told the Kansas City Star newspaper that his coach had informed him he had been penalised for sliding.

Part. Tami Ritter $500 Michael Goloff, retired; Andrew Holcombe, attorney; Heather Schlaff, retired; League of Humane Voters; Mary Goloff, Chico State instructor; Patricia Ritter, retired; Sam Ritter. $450 James Walker, physician’s assistant. She admitted that he was of big mouthed and didn rub everyone the right way initially, but brought many Christian leaders into his life and is now a different person. Never been interested in politics whatsoever, but I feel the need to try to get his attention or staff somehow. I do have connections with Honolulu leaders who have his personal phone number so we going to voice our opinions to them and I think he actually consider them.

IN AND OUT: The Eskimos announced left guard Greg Wojt suffered a concussion in Thursday game. Medical staff continue to monitor the progress of the six foot four, 300 pound veteran in his seventh CFL season. Making his debut in his return to the same Eskimos club that drafted him in the second round (11th overall) in 2008, Wojt wasn able to finish his first game back since coming off the one game injured list in the opening week.

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