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Because of the remarkable, seemingly weekly advances in the struggle for same sex marriage exemplified in recent days by Eric Holder’s announcement of more federal benefits for married gay couples we tend to think the battles over gay civil rights are nearing an end. But they are not, and seeing Michael Sam’s announcement in context shows just how much heroes like him are still needed. It only took a few days for Rush Limbaugh to characterize favorable media attention to Sam as an “assault” on heterosexuality.

Got good players, you got great players and then you got special players. He sets that category right there as a special kid and a special player. His talent alone, his size he just a beast. “The bats have been here for at least a week now, and there’s quite a number of them: more than we ever anticipated, he said. Night there were 400 bats caught and brought outside, the night before another 400. How many are in there now? I’m not necessarily sure, but there are so many we have decided to close the auditorium to any sort of events.”.

With TV ratings steadily declining in recent years, NASCAR made significant changes to its rulebook on the eve of the Daytona 500 expressly to win fans back. Among them: They gave the cars more horsepower and, in turn, more speed, to put the premium on handling and driver skill; they also rescinded a ban on the risky practice of bump drafting, in which a driver intentionally rams the car in front to create an aerodynamic boost through traffic. As NASCAR’s director of competition Ryan Pemberton told drivers in announcing the green light to bump drafting: “Have at it, boys!” The upshot, NASCAR promised, would be a return to the sort of stock car racing that fans fell in love with a generation ago, featuring plenty of fender rubbing and paint swapping.

It’s funny, enlightening, entertaining and informative. It’s the best book on football I’ve ever read. Defensive tackle George Musso of the Chicago Bears holds the distinction of going head to head with two future presidents. Texas A (29 5, 3 1 SEC) scored its lone run in the seventh as Sarah Hudek belted her third homer of the season. Samantha Show was saddled with the loss to move to 8 3 on the season. The 28th ranked Bears are 10 10 on the season and 1 3 in Big 12 play following the win.

HoltRamming speed ahead on negotiations: While the St. Louis Rams convene a rookie minicamp this weekend, the veterans are not due to report for their mandatory sessions until May 16. That gives management one more week to address some pending negotiations, with players currently on the roster and a few who are being pursued as free agents, before assembling for three days of practices.

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