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Personally, I think Hill is smart and very good at her job. She and Smith have great chemistry. I watched them more in their previous gig during the midday than now the radio show is over at 6 and by the time we get home, well, we looking for a family oriented sports break.Still, Hill, who was an award winning sports columnist at the Orlando Sentinel when the Orlando Sentinel was one of the country great sports sections, made national news with a social media rant against President Donald Trump.Hill Tweets were harsh and over the top Hill called Trump a white supremacist and a bigot and said he was ignorant among other things and ESPN official statement made it sound like she used the wrong salad fork.

It finished with: “Lacks size. Not tall and does not possess enough bulk at this time. Needs to add strength to more effectively beat press coverage and battled for the ball in the air. Those words are from a speech by Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, the year he was assassinated. He wanted things to change, and he recognized that meaningful social and political change always originates among the people, not the politicians; it originates among individuals, not institutions.

Bland. Almost lawyerly. Different. The New York Yankees fickle owner George Steinbrenner hires Billy Martin as manager for the third time, saying, think this will be for a long time. He would again fire Martin from baseball most perilous job on December 16 of that year. However, Steinbrenner revolving door continued to turn, and Martin would be back twice more as Yankees manager before the decade was over.

Why would the Dolphins do this? I don believe they would barring a stellar offer and, you must no one makes a stellar offer at this time of year. There would be no way the Dolphins would get back comparable compensation for what they invested in Jordan, which was not just a first round pick but a high No. 1..

The stars were aligned for me in 2008 when I went to Montreal and Anthony Calvillo was there. I just feel really lucky to have him be part of our staff and give him a chance to grow and help us. 45, a married father of two young girls, takes his first football job outside of Montreal in 20 years.

Of course there is Brady, which just dropped the greatest single season of a 40 year old quarterback in league history. But the stories of the Mrs. Wanting TB12 to hang up and the realization that Brady will be 41 before the season starts next year are not insignificant facts.

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