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Audrey Gibson, has called the measure a “get away with murder bill.”Alexander said in an interview this week that she understands that critics believe that stand your ground laws are used to discriminate against minorities, fuel vigilantism and allow criminals to escape prosecution.But those critics, Alexander says, haven’t experienced what she has.”I didn’t get a fair shake,” she said.Alexander, who as the daughter of an Army sergeant grew up around guns, said she knew little about Florida’s stand your ground law when she was first charged with aggravated assault after she fired at her husband during a confrontation in her Jacksonville home.She said it was a warning shot, but a judge denied her the chance to use the stand your ground defense, saying she didn’t do enough to prove she feared for her safety.She went to trial, where she was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to a mandatory minimum 20 years behind bars.Related: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Tested in Trial Over NFL Star’s DeathAlexander believes the current burden of proof, formalized in a 2015 state Supreme Court decision, gives the government too much power and criminalizes domestic violence victims black women in particular.”My experience was that if a defendant goes into a stand your ground case, they have to testify in their own defense,” she said. “The burden is on you. You’re already behind the eight ball.

Officials gave conflicting death toll figures Saturday. Police Chief Neil Telford said in a statement that seven had died, but in responses later both the county coroner and the city of San Bruno said that the toll remained at four. Police also said that five people were missing and that some remains had been found, but it wasn’t immediately clear if they were from a victim or victims already accounted for.

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) Devin Brumfield shattered every rushing record in his four years at Covington High School. Racking up over 6,000 yards on the ground, and finding the end zone 70 plus times. So Utah must be thrilled Brumfield signed with the Utes today.”Just based off what I saw of them from last season, the way they run the ball, I watch their back Zack Moss, he reminded me of me when he runs,” Brumfield told the Times Picayune.

SEASON 2 Garcia and Jones heckle a kid in a yellow milkshake costume until he chucks an actual shake at their car, starting the greatest giant beverage related chase scene ever committed to film. One of Reno’s most hilarious sub plots, the recurring, episode long chase includes rabid dogs, an ingenious underwater escape by the shake and a final truce near a highway, where the shake tells Garcia and Jones that his suit’s so thick he actually doesn’t feel anything. Garcia and Jones gleefully test the shake’s theory by wailing on him Rodney King style.

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